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Officiating Presentation Errata

Please refer to the NAGVA officiating presentation

Slide 42:Only front row players may block OR ATTEMPT TO BLOCK”. This is technically incorrect. Only liberos are forbidden to attempt blocks. No fault is committed if a back row player attempts an individual or collective block that is not completed. (USAV rules section 14.6)

Slide 42: “Only front row players may participate in a collective block”. Same comment as above… only true if the block is completed.

Slide 43: “A back row player who attempts to block, or participates in a completed block”… same comment. The attempt is not faulty in and of itself, only the completion.

Slide 44: “Setter returning a ball which has entered the plane of the net.”. This is subtly misleading. It’s not the fact that the ball has entered the plane of the net that makes the play faulty; it would only be faulty if the setter penetrates the plane of the net to return it to his own court. This is in the FIVB case book, 2012 edition, case #3.14.

Slide 44: “It IS legal to block or attack the ball in the opponent’s space if, in the 1st referee’s JUDGMENT, there is no player in position who could reasonably play the ball.”. It is in fact never legal to attack the ball in the opponent’s space. Rule 11.1 provides for blocking in the opponent’s space, but there is no such provision for an attack hit — this should be called as the fault “reaching beyond the net”.

Slide 54: “Rotation fault can also be cause by Overlap and by wrong position entry”. Technically, overlaps are positional faults. Rotational faults are only to do with the wrong server.