Providing educational instruction and volleyball play in a comfortable and fun gay positive environment to any person regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.

Grass League

VGVA is pleased to offer a summer grass volleyball league…

When: Every Wednesday 6:30 – 9:00 PM, May 25th to August 10th

Where: David Lam Park, see map below.

Cost: $125.00 / 4-person team

Number of Teams: Space for 28 teams max

Skill Level: All skill levels welcome

Format will be teams of 4 players. Initial week will be a round robin seeding. Teams will then be separated into 7 brackets of 4 teams per bracket. Each week, teams will play three 40 minute matches (one match against each team in their bracket). Using a ladder system, the top team in each bracket will move into the bracket above. The last place team will move into the bracket below. The middle two teams will stay in their current bracket. At the end of the grass season, there will be play-offs with prizes for the top finishers in each bracket.

Teams will play the entire time each week – self ref matches. Beach rules will apply (except forearm passing rule on first contact).

Teams are responsible for ensuring that they have substitute players to replace their regular members when absent. There will be NO DROP-IN PLAYERS available.

Registration is now complete and Grass League is now FULL – but those interested in being a ‘Sub’ for a team should indicate they are available to play by listing themselves on the VGVA Matchmaker

Have any other questions? You can email them to our co-directors [vgva_grassleague_dir]