Providing educational instruction and volleyball play in a comfortable and fun gay positive environment to any person regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.

Executive Board Positions

  • Any VGVA member in good standing can be nominated for a position on the
    Executive Board
  • Members can only be nominated for one position on the Executive Board
  • The new Executive Board is announced at the end of VGVA’s Annual General Meeting
  • For additional information, please contact

Chair (1 position)

  • Represents the Association
  • Generates Annual Operating Budget with Vice Chair and Treasurer
  • Signing authority for the Association
  • Oversees the operation of the Association and Executive Board
  • Undertakes all general correspondence for the Association
  • Chairs Executive Board meetings
  • Generates Executive Board meeting agendas
  • Addresses all membership payment issues in co-operation with the Treasurer
  • Co-ordinates the Annual General Meeting
  • Secures annual Insurance for the Association
  • Maintains Registration and Membership database & distributes to the
    Executive Board as required
  • Represents the Association at all NAGVA events
  • Books gym space for each Division
  • Holds the keys for the Association mailbox

Vice Chair (1 position)

  • Represents the Association
  • Generates Annual Operating Budget with Chair and Treasurer
  • Signing authority for the Association
  • Co-ordinates annual Evaluation Process for the Competitive & Intermediate
  • Undertakes projects of League-wide importance (i.e. skill development, Evaluations)
  • Chairs Executive Board meetings at the Chair’s discretion
  • Contact person for VGVA Tournaments
  • Assists the Chair with NAGVA-related responsibilities or duties
  • Assists the Chair with NAGVA-related responsibilities, Annual General Meeting and other tasks as required by the Chair

Secretary (1 position)

  • Represents the Association
  • Records all Executive Board meetings and action items and produces minutes
    for review
  • Provides Executive Board members with notice of meetings one week in advance
  • Maintains filing system of reports, records and documents of interest to the
    Executive Board
  • Co-ordinates preparation of the monthly Association newsletter and distribution
    to the membership
  • Distribution of any electronic or written communications (i.e. e-blasts) to the

Sponsorship Director (1 position)

  • Represents the Association
  • Secures annual sponsorship for League including advertising, correspondence
    and invoicing
  • Orders league T-shirts
  • Signing authority for League Sponsorship Agreements

Divisional Directors (6 Total – 1 position per Division)

  • Represents the Association as determined by the Executive Board
  • Establishes the teams within their Division
  • Runs league play each week
  • Co-ordinates and/or runs skill development as appropriate for the Division
  • Updates weekly scores and tracks aggregate scores throughout the season
  • Manages Drop-in players and collects fees
  • Co-operates with other Divisional Directors in running the Christmas and
    Year-end tournaments
  • Ensures equipment (including first aid supplies) are available for their
  • Purchase of ankle braces (according to membership need)
  • Co-ordinate annual Officiating Clinic

Treasurer (1 position – appointed by the Executive Board)

  • Manages all financial assets and current accounts for the Association
  • Generates Annual Operating Budget with Chair and Vice Chair
  • Assists the Chair with all membership payment issues
  • Signing authority for the Association
  • Files annual tax return, GST return and Association financial report

Webmaster (1 position – appointed by the Executive Board)

  • Maintains, updates and facilitates all matters related to the VGVA website, online document management and email lists
  • May directly assist the Treasurer and Communications Director as it pertains to online presence

Member-at-Large (2 positions)

  • Communicates member concerns to the Executive Board
  • Assists with regular business, major projects and special events (eg. Pride
    Parade, Queen Vicki Tournament, Spring Bling Tournament, Mr SPIKED) as determined by the Executive Board
  • Assists Divisional Directors as required at each Division
  • Preference for special skills required by the Association (i.e. webmaster,
    graphic design)

Executive Board – Shared Responsibilities

  • Attend all Executive Board meetings
  • Promote the Association within the larger community
  • Assist other Executive Board members as required
  • Planning/organizing/directing for all major events (e.g. Pride Parade, Christmas Party, Mr SPIKED, AGM, summer grass league and drop-in etc…) for the Association
  • Promotion of all Association events (e.g. League Registration, Christmas Party, Mr SPIKED, AGM)